Changing Nameserver on GoDaddy

I’m so excited you’ve purchased your domain name through GoDaddy.

Now it’s time to change your nameserver and point it to your hosting company.

Step 1:  Login to Godaddy

On your dashboard you should a list of your domains. In the action button.  Choose Manager DNS


setting up nameserver godaddy

Step 2:   Scroll down till you see Nameservers and click change.

changing your nameserver godaddy 2016

Step 3:  Under choose your new nameserver type.  Leave it as custom.  In the first box, change it to your hosting nameserver 1 address.  (you should have received this from your host.  It’ll appear in the formation of  Change it to the nameserver your host assigned to you and click save.

how to change nameserver in godaddy 2016

That’s it.  This change can take 24-48 hours before it will appear with your host.  So don’t freak out if you don’t see the change happen immediately.

If you have questions please leave a comment.

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