Changing Nameserver on GoDaddy

I’m so excited you’ve purchased your domain name through GoDaddy.

Now it’s time to change your nameserver and point it to your hosting company.

Step 1:  Login to Godaddy

On your dashboard you should a list of your domains. In the action button.  Choose Manager DNS


setting up nameserver godaddy

Step 2:   Scroll down till you see Nameservers and click change.

changing your nameserver godaddy 2016

Step 3:  Under choose your new nameserver type.  Leave it as custom.  In the first box, change it to your hosting nameserver 1 address.  (you should have received this from your host.  It’ll appear in the formation of  Change it to the nameserver your host assigned to you and click save.

how to change nameserver in godaddy 2016

That’s it.  This change can take 24-48 hours before it will appear with your host.  So don’t freak out if you don’t see the change happen immediately.

If you have questions please leave a comment.

How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog Website

How to Start a Blog.

Starting a blog is easy.  It really is.  Maintaining the blog (Writing content, marketing etc.) is the hard part.  For less than $200 you can create a beautiful website to do whatever you wish.

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1.)  Grab Your Domain Name

But before you do, be sure to take some time to research your name.  Check to ensure the name is available on all of the social media websites.  You are in fact building a brand and you want to ensure that everything is accessible to you.

Once you’ve discovered that.  Then grab it all on the social media sites.  Twitter, Facebook FanPage, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, Snap Chat and so on….  Also ensure the domain name is available for gmail.

Grab your domain through a company like NameCheap

Here are some deals you cant take advantage of to get the lowest price.

domains for less than $1

When choosing.. Choose a .com.  Most people are so used to .com that where their mind goes first, plus it’ll be better for SEO.

2.)  Choose a hosting company.

I recommend Bluehost.  They are inexpensive plus they offer 24/7 support.  They are especially helpful to the newbies who are getting set up and need some tender loving care.

Check back for upcoming details on How to Setup Bluehost.  This is where we will setup your content editor aka WordPress.

3.)  Studio Press.  Get a customized beautifully designed website. You choose a theme that will match your needs/business.  What I love about Studio Press is most of the designs they offer, give you the Genesis framework.  Which is perfect for the newbie blogger. You don’t have to worry about hardcoding since a lot of plugins available are compatible.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

and that’s it.  It’s really a small investment to test your passion out.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on how easy it is to set up bluehost and how to make money blogging.